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which they hjiv pursued the researches approved for them by

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this theory unquestioned although it is quite insufficient to

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his indefatigable endeavors have been those which our old copy book at

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ficial. Quiet and anodyes would he thought be better

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week. It looks now as though the trouble was over for

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A. Stimulate the lungs because the poison seems to take root in them.

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was administered orally and when indicated penicillin used parenterally or intravenously.

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mortem revealed that there was do obstruction at any place along

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month he had conjunctivitis in the globe and lids of the left

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thought until quite recently that stercoral caecitis was exceedingly common

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posing or decomposable organic remains terrestrial electricity or

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less advanced and the yellowish color not so pronounced. The sur

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ulcer were ragged the surrounding parts were not as a rule much

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brought up to the present day and that future inquirers being

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colored stools showed themselves within the first forty eight

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sensibilities and acquiring the stoical temperament.

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rected your attention to the fact that there is danger

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sider the drops of oil so frequently found in growing cartilage cells as

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be on a plane with the heads of the eleven other staflfe. That

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betic patient who has perhaps been told that he cannot

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Service Commission requires that the street railway

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tion the writer would refer to the above paper published in the

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this woman s rectum a fibrous non yielding hard stricture or infiltra

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genious contrivance. A piece of boxwood curved properly has one end

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marked at the beginning of clinical manifestations

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lumbar and iliac colotomy. After reviewing the recent

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health measure to check the spread of tuberculosis diphtheria scarlet

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as to operative technic post operative complications

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internal iliac are positively wron the vessel not origi

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medical nosology. These disturbances often proceed from the operation of

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the latter correct in theory but attended in practice

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the skin. This parasite may be easily communicated from

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of retinal vessels may serve to confirm suspicions.

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Among the reflex activities which become excited by these nociceptive

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chemistry and that their medical uses have not been

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stream of vessels of all nations passing in both directions. The English

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ence in degree or quantity only. The condition may be partial full

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lesions or to central irritation by metamorphopsia the distorted vis ion

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with silver nitrate lies the object. When this determina

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or by counteracting in it a morbid process Surely these

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going to occur at a given time provided the patient s life

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attacks were followed by mental derangement. At times he

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