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If such foods constitute excellent breakfast dishes some modifi

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tory of the more or less constant use of alcohol. In

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might be called the sthenic stage of malaria and have

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infections. Chapter deals with immunity and the various theories of

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Stances in their natural condition. It is recommended to

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Law. Nutrition will continue to take place in many of the

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histological drawings are admirable and arc bound in a convenient

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pressed out. The pressure is applied by means of a sliding plate

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twenty and thirty years and who have come to him for themselves

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versy our special agents have carefully reported the individual experi

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so and the voice harsh. Walking may never be accomplished and is

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sary here to call attention to the fact that a roentgen plate

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object in studying Pelman methods was not therefore in any way a

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active disease process sharply defined circular areas of a lemon

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peutic processes. When occasioned by poison the wet sheet so mun

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Schweinitz had already in immunized horses mules and cattle

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nutrient enemata. though by the local application of cocain the sensi

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The way in which the specific gland cells manufacture

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Calomel was found to be better on the stomach than other cathar

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of Glasgow University explanatory of his views on isolation in

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work can be made up b extra in surgery and medicine. What a

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tinguishable from those already observed. The peculiar sub

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tation of the heart observed by Eyster. Accompanying the decreased

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Government Sanitarium at Benguet. He writes as follows

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which he assumed a negative position as to the germ

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stant inspection to insure its enforcement which involves great ex

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filled with liquor sanguinis containing some red blood cells so that

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habitants from rabid dogs has already passed the Legislative

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metrical and not confined to the mucous membrane but dipping beneath it

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tracts of moorland and is stored in two reservoirs the one sup

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by B fern leaf bed by causing violent muscular movements by cold

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nary College. Since then various American surgeons have per

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Never however do I give one earlier without mischief.

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mal sources than from contact with man that when contracted

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inquiringmorecloselyintothe matter he was led tobelieve in the existence

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apparently thorough removal of the bone in the neighbourhood

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secondary symptoms affecting the skin and fauces at intervals.

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given every second hour to continue the turpentine stupes

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it is essential that the very best olive oil and the finest litharge

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