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tack it during the earlier months of its life properly care fo

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costal pleura there was no trace of tubercle and the bronchial

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gravel and sand to a depth of about feet. The intake pipes

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achlorhydria and the presence of occult blood in the

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to the completion of the entire clinical picture known

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fluid. The heart was normal and analysis of the urine showed neither

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later unfavorable for the mother if it involves rapid di

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She was seen by Mr. Adams four hours afterwards. She was

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led to renewed investigations notably bo bj White and

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satifactory applications that can be made. I believe

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The finger from which the specimen of blood is drawn

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Whether the toxins were ferments or not Dr. Vaughan

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factor that it is r z in causing the disease. This is

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routine introduction of carbolised glycerine drops into the external

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an inability or an unwillingness or both on the part of

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through one or more generations of unaffected females and the power

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performed and its position maintained by the intro

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fever is the exciting cause of the inflammation the mor

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under any of the recognised forms. I refer to cases running a

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owing probably to the action of the iron. Treatment continued

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another but as a double decompo.sition between two pairs of

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article. In fact in some of the villages the natives

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observed if the deposits were confined to the tops of the

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that the system is already overwhelmed and the kidneys and other

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The abdominal cavity contains a large amount of clear yellow fluid.

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ercise a decomposing or fermentative influence and produce a

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