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symptoms from day to day. The abdomen is usually found sunken occa
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end of the radius just above the equine knee so called. We
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versity professors who are of the caliber of tlie men occupying these positions
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of being affected with any disease or condition that under these
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Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery and
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frequent epileptic fits sometimes developing into epileptieism
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vations for a half hour only should be employed. For
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become infected with the disease or perhaps died of it. In connection
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the hands of two specialists without relief. He began
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substantial addition if one other female relative has
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in the sun s rays reaching degrees. The St. John s Ambulance Corps
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of the diagnosis was incorrect. I shall explain by and by
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in Canada but its workings at least as introduced into the United
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some chance of giving reUef exists. The object of exploration is to make
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the precipitation of the insoluble globulin acid the hemo
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conditions to be kept in mind are hysteria intracranial tumor when situated

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