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onorarium simply. He thought that Dr. Haughton s contention

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On the Nature and Causes of Genu Valgum or Knock Knee

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Academical Years h from the time of his passing the First

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Fifth. The diet should consist of fluid food and the staple

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An experimental system for determining the influence

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laboratory a model business office a model of clinical pharmacist participa

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from the confinement of urine which has become decomposed. Not

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more than grammes and on each succeeding day for a fortnight

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Parents should seek a climate high and dry live out of doors and

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also moves in centrifugal direction along the nerve tracts. Thus

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been heard of late of this method. Mr. Astley Bloxham Lancet

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Synonijmet of Ttungue. Dengue is knowu by many names

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The glucose broth was made up according to the formula quoted

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the fact tliat the rank and tile of the profession had had no

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appointed in and although many of the posts were nominal the

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causation it may be stated that he had suffered for many

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tious processes about the orbit and nasal fossa appears to

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with livid undermined edges. So long as these remained open

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trained assistants and a well proven technique may be justified in

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tumor of the spinal cord peripheral neuritis or multiple sclerosis.

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tympani as already noted is the vaso dilator of the submaxillary gland.

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cancer. Two have been observed at Guy s Hospital which weighed each

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in two weeks a palpable cord being left at the site

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Ringbone. This is a common disease it is an exostosis sit

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ical contrivance to serve some purpose in an exigency

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cause he or she assumes an error has been made by the

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sorbed by a brown skin is greater than the heat absorbed by a

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