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the said College and such persons so elected shall be

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species in miliary tubercles w idely separated from the original focus.

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they do not cause nausea as does Beef Tea and they will remain

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ignorance. Only watching through years a long series of

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and sudoriparous glands and all protoplasmic formations of

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anticipated Eppinger to whom Tick gives credit for initiating

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from two to three summer months at least in the Steppes.

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poisoning the mode of death is that of asphyxiation

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English language a complete bibliograpliy of Continental papers

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followed by a saline mixture. Whitla advises small doses of

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served the name of compound. The leg was placed on a well

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disease but the maladies to which they give rise are so far

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I mien giving a titrable acidity of. may on standing become

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publication of their bulletins of patients conditions

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and patient was able to lie on the right side for the

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side. On removing it from the left cavity of the thorax the

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mater was lacerated and there was pretty free haemorrhage

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been invited to express their views concerning the proposi

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Thompson F. H. Arrow Cottage Gilfach Goch Llantrisant

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colon an abscess four by six inches was found in it

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is dressed as for roasting quartered into equal parts slightly salted

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That the average layman has an erroneous idea in regard to

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ments on monkeys the first point to be taken into account is the

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Tlie interest in the case centred ujjon tlie decision

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the vestry to which letter we never received any reply.

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lower extremities. The operation was finally completed but on recovery the patient

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process. From these cells are derived according to. Howell not only the

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perience has demonstrated to the author. If treatment by

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due to the injury of a really large artery. I regret

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gratitude over their creation takes the form of a hope

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Avards corresponding to the outline of the body which it

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