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enooaraged by exposing the patient to the sun for a long time.

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cylindrical and saccular bronchiectasis pneumonia pul

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hot cloths over the lowest part of the belly and the injection into

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the cure other infant. Lately Dr. Ballard had not encouraged her to

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this had prevented a rupture of the organ taking place.

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tions are termed vulgarly beans. As a rule this condition

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thorities in providing care and treatment for indi

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thought penetrating the whole created univerfe being co extended wdth it and

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washed an incision two and a half inches long was made in the

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should be light with plenty of fruit and vegetables particularly salads and

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teum and the surface of the bone the so called cambium layer

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instruction in the means of Physical Diagnosis is held by Drs. Hadden

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feet to the outlet or anus. The large bowels are composed of the

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cording to the former nineteen times in forty six cases.

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In a recent letter to health care leaders Richard C.

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