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publication of last year and found tlial they held perfectly

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plication of the word ofkener asks himself whether this or

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uterine fibroid as large as the mature fcetal head attached to the fundus

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seem to have suffered out of proportion to others. In Dr. Baly s

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year were found to be affected by the small spore fungus.

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disease while in the womb and derive from that attack the customary

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under Gen. Sullivan. Here he was in the same tent with

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These lusters of these coals were nearly all determined at the same

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was no scientific means of diagnosing early tuberculosis no true

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the gland cells does not contain any active proteolytic enzyme although

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the animal having fed recently. A portion of omentum con

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change into jius cells or according to surrounding in

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with straws and herd with fool and idiot like the poor

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Department of Research Medicine of the Laboratories

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upper epiphysis ot the tibia likewise of normal thick

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spinal condition which was probably the origin of the Dysen

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cases of infection with Cred s Silver Ointment successfully.. The use of

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their signature. Who has not had difficulty in making out the sig

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and Lecturer on the Diseases of Children in the School of

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lithia water containing fifteen grains of citrate of lithia thirty

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York Polyclinic Instructor in Ophthalmology Cornell

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pulmonary tissue but in whom the existence of tubercular

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or entire. When young the leaflets are somewhat hairy but later they become

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the follicles are crushed and not expressed. All the mate

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In cancer of the lesser curvature motor insufficiency is slight at first until

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which is readily audible..Xny attempt at motion in the dorsal or lumbar spine

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found thai one of the cases complicated with severe facial erysipelas was

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just adverted there can be no doubt that judicious treatment

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cataplasms and fomentations appear to act by relaxing the integ

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ulty for sugar when lessened may be restored by abso

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The following case is given as an example of rapidly fatal pneu

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has been acquitted by a Natal Magistrate. The charge

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close contact with the true capsule and in the space

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