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number of the JoumcU as we would find his views there editori


clothes the germs to healthy animals precautions must be taken

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clearly impossible to make use of any other factor than anatomy as a

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instance. It is therefore important that we possess ourselves

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performed this operation with dexterity and success was in

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Kent s command only in two years during the epidemic

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jected the extreme limit of dose should be one sixteenth of

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question. With regard to the out patient system it seemed to him to

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The SYMPTOMS are such as we should expect in diminished tension of the

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its right Such a supposition is an absurdity. But in order to

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phragms into five superposed compartments of which the

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water or an exclusion of the disease germs or perhaps the phenomenon

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to the fact that many cases having an anaphylaxis for

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rectal feeding and large gt I hs of bismuth. In very

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A Study of Two Cases of Paroxysmal Sneezing with Treat

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As stated before I find that patients breathe much more

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be evidence as far as this investigation teaches that the

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This is all of the greatest importance from an opera

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ner and I was able to make a stump in tissues nearly free

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Convention were then called on for contributions towards a

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You find glands along the lymphatics conglobate glands as they are

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The diet should be limited to bland farinaceous foods

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decoration. Even in the midst of an overwhelming practice

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fuided by the society which they afterwards claimed succeeded

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tendon reflexes vasomotor phenomena dermographia etc. are present

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three but the authors are inclined to credit this as much

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cause of paralysis. Hyperaemia of the brain on the contrary

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was laid back in place the joint became covered in

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air was injected into the intestines after the abdo

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addition of neutral strychnine sulphate to the stovaine

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gation as enzootics or epizootics are most serious in their

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