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The larger arteries after leaving the circle of Willis supply different areas

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earthen drain pipe in the cellar was not in accordance with

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entered the field of surgery and bis skill as an operator was

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from heart failure his lungs had become oedematous he was very

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and apparently transitional forms are not uncommon. The appended

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the external injuries received. Witnesses were now brought

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none of the vaccinated animals have reacted to tuberculin for

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FBOFESSOR MOHR Medical Councilor University of Bonn After exhaustive investigation I declare the

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to the circulating fluids as the first set were but

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consisted in boiling milk tightly sealed in strong bottles in

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have been discussed unfler the heading of muscles. In

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and Fallopian tubes distended with tubercular debits and

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Case. Strangulation of Intestine under a Tight Band due

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in bed. They have pain and usually severe headache.

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extremities and resulted in typical arthritis deformans. Tuberculosis

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surgery and reads the articles which have come forth from the

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ture would be expected. We cannot assert positively that

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was left and there he established his office. Directly

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laboratory experiments on the other hand being the result of the

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own experience has been limited to a single case the

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the reflex of a prostatic disturbance. An anaemic woman may not sutler

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cavity and innocuous in another so that it is merely a matter of

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diologist and nuclear medicine specialist affiliated with Rush

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or the domestic administration of family remedies. And this act shall not

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of the mosquito vectors of the viral encephalitides and the

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to be dressed and undressed by the attendant to be led

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larly with children of nervous temperament and anemic diath

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wine gaining his wager without producing any effect on the nervous

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Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics and Professor of Clinical Gynecology Detroit College

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tion and therefore not entirely within the strict interpretation of metastatic

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ounce each of powdered balsam of tolu guaiacum gum hemlock

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of the disease which was about days. In this epidemic the vaccina

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