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A great deal is to be gained from a careful anamnesis which

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nearest connexions. Their feelings and actions are indeed of the

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poses is elevated by mattresses and the bath is placed

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the probable reasons of this palpal gt le difference in the

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The cover glass can then be removed and fresh jelly

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other than the mental which is more marked at night. We have had

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and twenty young persons of both sexes who assembled to receive

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observed that the only outward movements of the arytenoid cartilages were

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vocal cords under the conditions now referred to does not consist in a

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is similarly affected the arterioles being crowded with phago

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blood in which the trypanosome will be found. The organism can always

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Observation which the key informs us was that of Sir Clifford

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of the coffee in the lungs would not have been sufficient to

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cessive days. The stools too frequently contain pus but are

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proclivity to such disorder. This is notably true of

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Medicine at the University of Oxford came over to Amer

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flout at dietetic indiscretions and excesses but when all the nutritive

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sues. The study of this lirochure will prove highly

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on air bases. Since late the Army Air Forces had attempted to establish

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tissue however small which remain after the removal of the

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water or wliat greatly facilitates the process a weak solu

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victions I feel some delicacy because I am a hospital physician.

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ration of consciousness in persons for example who have

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without constitutional disturbance limited from the first to a single region.

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which the germ was found and grown may be shown in the following

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ment is left free the salt solution having no binding

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freshly prepared may be added to the dose of physic for

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obstetrical ward of the Johns Hopkins Hospital up to November.

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course is invariable through the four stages or degrees but treatment to

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has good reason to believe that he will be benefited by it. In

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tents of the eyeball might be produced by evacuating the

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progressively as the cultural medium upon which the

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