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rapid than the nerve current I will say that this subject

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the cough ceased with the vomiting and at the end of the nine

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sents from the very outset a perfectly normal appearance but

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that there may be a syphilitic origin for these tumours.

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Managers which had its origin at this time was enabled

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its beneficial effects have been most surprising that is so far as

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of instances the disease terminates within a week or

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amount of poison taken was probably from five to ten grains.

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Iras placed before the medical profession. The complete work was

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two years to the general introduction of surgical anesthesia and

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weaker solution is required. The fact that mercuric chloride is

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tion he holds principally by the writings of Dr. Debove

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avoid fatigue that the animal be secured in lateral recum

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Since the publication of these statistics eight or ten cases more have

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mastoid. In those cases of suppurative otitis media in which the

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mitosis the diagnosis may be usually made. In early

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type of the disease. It only brings before you one form which may

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made in both theaters no additional personnel were authorized these units for

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history. The first question in this column is made in con

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backwards BO far as to he placed on a level lower than the

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duty and leave it to the peojile to get vaccinated or

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method of operating comes from Emmet yet recent mod

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tion confirmed the result of the first. With the idea

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very correct ideas of objects countries for instance which

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then sufficiently often to maintain a covering. In erysipe

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hsematuria but rather those indicative of irritation of the bladder cystitis

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this building. The space allotted to teaching includes a large student

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its different forms is passed over rather hastily and Facial Paralysis to which

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The course of the disease is protracted over a number of

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nucleated red corpuscles were found in the lymphatic

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dull that other people had to put away their books.

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EMIL GRUENING M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology Visit

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sedation of the various symptoms. This measure seems to

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force of the blows lack of equality in forming each layer of the

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