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Henry Brodier ancien chef de clinique chirurgicale de

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still they cannot be considered quite a healthful as pure water. Ef

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operation but that so far as he was aware death had in no

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each other but also because they have been repeated by various pathologists

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fixed by statute for New York medical schools. The regents may in

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tation is useful. If pain is severe large doses of sedatives are necessary.

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learn all things for himself and cared little for the

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three inches to either side when it is folded back upon itself

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and local spasm experienced from light therapy was due

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entertain this learned body with much greater edification.

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skin lesions were always manifested comprising acne

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enough to admit one blade of the rongeur forceps was

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infra clavicular glands together with both pectoral

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bladder and the right free border of the gastrohepatic

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etiology of the disease was obscure and while there were

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the local site while at other times they can be readily demonstrated

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salts of potash which some beers contain in part to

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occurs as workmen in glass factories often pass many

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the condition continued three years when it spontaneously

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contagion is communicated have had Syphilis long before and are

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to improve the absorption of food by feeding duodenal juice of healthy

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shown in autopsies. Pleurisy is a very frequent cause

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symptoms such as sweating particularly about the head rest

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fingers. That gentleman at once requested me to operate

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a new organic base the nature of which is not determined are by

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abducted arm does not develop shoulder stiffness al

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the boiling of all of the clothing and bedding of the

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handle of a scalpel. On one occasion he thoughtlessly used his

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A bitch served when first coming in heat will produce

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which not only affects the heart in many ways but also fills the

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ment to the udder the ampoules were injected as soon as they were

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Hemophilia or a purpuric tendency as a cause of hematemesis may

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lireast. as nuicli as when the breast becomes double

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a student at a Medical school should also be required.

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living in the non treated areas. Thus in one experi

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that there is a considerable difference between the flora

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ulated on the patient and sets up pustules as acute as

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Tafeet epol amp e iof ll gge tb oOTtce tsbite aftfiHe

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