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occurring as a result of retention of the substances which normally are

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changed his opinion. Indeed in taking into consideration that

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infections and they returned positive reports on certain

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monomaniacs and retain him in safe custody as long as may

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large and even angular concretions may exist in the gall

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derivative from them offered facilities for either direct

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the epiglottis was less reddened than formerly and the entire edge of

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readily than he had expected. In about ten minutes he was

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he remianed till the close of the war when be was mus

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in diphtheria whenever fibrinous clots are found in the heart in

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vagus nerves are cut the beats become more frequent and stronger

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every disease too much anxiety is expressed for the

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abundantly in the brandies marshes or swamps traversing

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pointed to typhoid in the second weoU. There was only one

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In response to this appeal the several local societies

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resembles the chill of simjile remittent fever. It is

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The work here presented is part of a program of considerable

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in how to treat the spine. There is another treatment though which

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can hinder the pi oecss of acctification. if the circumstances favourable to

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some give Bcllad yana Nux vomica Ignatia Lachesis and Veratrum. For

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stertor appears in the respiration the pulse becomes slower and

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pelvic at the end of two weeks or a little anterior the

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happened to become superimposed in this region he had

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