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established the propriety of serum therapy. To my mind nothing of

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Alexander M Donald Scotus. De Ophthalmia conjunctivali.

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Dunbar Cork George Jonathan Hcirder Plymouth James Sommervill.i


the well. A distance of at least feet should be secured with sandy

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Publo Infra umbllicalis. pu be o in l rah um bil e

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Russell Rustad Shaw Stiger Smith Thompson of Clayton and

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better tlian one who has been suffering for several years.

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secure perfect asepsis here than in a Caesarean section.

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had a circumference measuring inches. Mother did well.

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Bacteriological Examination. Fluid from right knee slightly

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Table. Group values of intra and total service work

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Dr. Hope frequently happens within two days and almost always

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produces the happiest effects when given in union with blue

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in frequency and unless there be already some implication of the

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they are also the. most important blood workers in the body.

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doses if they have that idiosyncrasy. Therefore it is for its effect. It

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standard solution of soda and he tested it also for hydro

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glands. It was also interesting to note that the cachexia

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and debility and although it is necessary judiciouslj to ad

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gallon of water will make a suitable solution for the

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To recapitulate This patient s illness began about January .

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contained an account of three fatal cases. One of these had

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large part of the fibular sector passes behind the ankle so acquiring a

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of so much importance in itself but the profuse perspiration is an

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mountain battery in the north of India. If quite large mules

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Acupuncture and electro puncture have been advised in the same

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weakness of the heart from dilatation fibroid degeneration myocarditis and

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It is frequent in the young but most common in late middle life.

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from infectious diseases cither endemic or epidemic

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cause kinking and stenosis of the appendix terminating in a

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times. Thus Sir Henry Blake in speaking at a banquet

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Severe pain is complained of in the joints of the lower

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great a portion of its nutriment as possible from the breast no food

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disorder of which the origin cannot be traced. Again

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