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finally became less and less clear and at the time of

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with gastric ulcer. The general principles of treatment having reference to

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that has most to do with the storage and with the metabo


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alio studio del soffio splenico. Riforma med. Napoli

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knowledge of the physiological functions of the ele

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world and proper regimen is the only thing wanting to

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effects from systemic treatment and by revolving in

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in scrofulous cases melanosis which is a formation of black sub

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ering as the pathogenic agent of this endemic disease. The parasite

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digestion from the most extraordinary maltreatment must

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plasia in the spleen liver and lymph nodes. Hematologically it expresses

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single leaf from this frightful chapter of heredity presented by Morel tells

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soft parts such as muscles and tendons round the joints and the ends

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And dumb foundered struck dumb are good English expressions.

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But these were not going to be exterminated by an Act of

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Clinical classification of cases of nephritis has been attempted

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which is usually present althcnigh not well marked here is

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point. He also quotes Dr. Davidson of Glasgow and the oft

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patches of recent broncho pneumonia. Bronchi in both lungs

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injections in relieving various intestinal oL.truc

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We have used in our stables Humphreys Veterinary Remedies

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presents some minor abnormality which might prevent conception

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importance as was shown by Dr. Johnson s cases. All swimmers who

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the animals. Science again has a remedy to eliminate the dan

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nent catheter in the urethra in others it is neces

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Dangers of Cycling by Dr. Shadwell who has previously written on the

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occur. The patient is then placed cjuietly on the table and is advised

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the mortuary. The coroner gave a certificate to the

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side anastomosis was done by the suture method. Ex

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be temporary as in the curable primary diseases or permanent as in

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greater dangers which attend the birth of her first child.

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and if the President deems it wise I am ready to answer all

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that in eleven cases of terminal pneumonia in paralytics

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employees paid hospital fees amounting to approximately.

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antitoxin was administered during the incubation period but too late

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fevers but it has absolutely no pretensions against the recent

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within the broad ligament so well described by Drs. Hart and

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or resumed their ordinary work all the symptoms increased especially

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tine is let me remark in passing the cause of flatulence and other

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tation to the treatment of Pneumonitis. We then stated that

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face of the thyroid cartilage to the inferior edge of

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