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It proved to be an erratic labor pain. An examination was not

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mation only by its infectious nature and by the rapid recovery.

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introduction of the needle into the vein and allow of

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Surgeon to the Woman s Hospital of the State of Illi

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mote absoiption Bamberger lays stress upon the apphcation of warmth

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the intralobular vein p Inter lobular branches of the portal vein

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toxic cause for poliumyelitis no one has strongly affirmed that this dis

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in a woman with puerperal eclampsia and the success was complete and

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in reaction and be ready to add its liquefactive action to the other

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the degeneration depend upon local rather than upon general nutritive

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are employed in the kitchen. Considering the cosmopoli

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termining the question of sex. The rights to publish this

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spasm taken independently of the clinical symptoms vary

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sibility of ureteritis and pyelitis. The mortality is

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soluble and sweet. It may be given with glycerine and cinnamon water

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cause of cancer of the cervix. He calls attention to the

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A Hindu aged who had been a hard drinker for five years was

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water off its pads is a characteristic symptom. The slightest stimulation

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religious question always weighed strongly and more often

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acid is exposed to the air so that the acid may evaporate

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there is good accommodation upon Grosse Isle. There are there

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the world and finally that the physical training of

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than to any actual pain. When the photophobia is of this mental character

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the long period the disease had lasted or perhaps occasionally to the

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control the stools. The result was not wholly satis

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be toward the relief of suffering the restoration to

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under no circumstances should tlie attempt be made to reduce the pulse

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there It is frequently spoken of in the lay papers as influenza

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the bill would not pass the House. Senator Boylan in an

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Details of treatment furnished physicians upon application to undersigned without charge.

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counts of several cases illustrating his contention

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