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for most persons if indulged in more than twice a week. A greater

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cal chemistry and materia medica and an examination will be

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portant for all who were newly appointed that they should do the same

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to examine the opening the needle must have left behind

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haps two thirds of all idiots are of the scrofulous

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ed v in cutaneous affections chronic rheumatism and

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Cardiac complications are fortunately rare though myocarditis

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siderable very capricious and there is a craving for unsuitable food

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Rubeola Period of incubation ten to twelve days. Stage

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In the Xovember and December numbers of that valuable

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a wetting developed an ordinary tonsillitis with rather

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He wrote volumes of nonsensical assumptions and seemed to

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tery of the presentation. The child was an exact repro

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this department in our country as those of Kussmaul Senator

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Naphthaline. This is obtained from a distillation of coal tar. It

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perienced and skilful surgeon about. The new settlers from

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the urine albumen is found jiresent in quantities suffi

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examine them with the microscope and liquor potassje. It was not

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mion to another inches. The mother weighed pounds.

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portal spaces of eclampsia there was found in these cases

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the presidential address. After having welcomed the

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may become turbid. The turbidities consist of precipitated

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of the bromides in combination with a vegetable bitter and a nar

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were able to pay. We paid the specialist for doing tonsil cases.

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ord for various plantations being complete by uionths. In one case

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It had been pointed out how difficult it was to identify organisms in

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at least a beginning of improvement in our sanitary arrange

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sion. The percussion duiness may extend beyond the area of the heart and

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