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post mortem examinations of invalids at Fort Pitt and Netley has
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a healthy squirrel. The latter died days later and presented the
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tlis form of Qiercury mentioned. Such for instance
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points being strengthened by earth works. The general course of the
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stomach has been observed owing as suggested by Bartels to pressure of the
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Philadelphia published in the last number of the American
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changes is not altogether improbable and further in
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law pertaining to the slaughtering of and shipment of calves for
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connected with the circulating medium but that its evolution princi
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le acute form but the condition does not progress so rapidly. In
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administered in four daily doAes for two days. Eight days after the first
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consistency for the pill condition by admixture with some
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of Africa rd when acquired it may be carried away from the
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potassium and to control the hyperaemia by such drugs as ergot and the
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force all that is cerebral sensation volition spontaneous
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of Australia and the southern half of New Guinea represented. percent of
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adult life. Unquestionably the early ancestors of the
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If the circle under the woman s eyes which is of a wan
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ment and the sensation imparted to the finger cannot well be con
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Subject of the Eighth Triennial Astley Cooper Prize.
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size and consistency and these changes to a new structure but
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itch is not likely to be confused with anything else Stiles. In. badly
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each ureter were led tlirough the anus. The abdomi
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region the diastolic element being louder and more prolonged.
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fermentation. It was a question whether the hydrolysis
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there was an unwritten phase of medical education and that it
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posture its sounds can scarcely be detected but on lying down
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oophoritis and salpingitis and the infection occurs oftenest in
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ziness confusion of ideas and weakness and fell unconscious ad
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parents reluctantly consented but the president of the college entered
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rendered impossible the passage of a catheter to be retained in situ.
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catheterization. The ascites and hydrothorax were not ex
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duration. But Dr. Levis being surgeon to two large general
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the excitement delirium hallucinations etc. found in
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rent strengths of ingredients and the results of snuff and
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alone be sufficient to indicate the mastoid operation.
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persons who cannot swallow a pill. We cannot control tlie
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Joffroy Jovane Leon y Aviles Macewen Maeshima Marfan
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from ancient Egypt and the Levitical physicians to the
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made an uninterrupted recovery. On November rd it was
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the end of the electrical session through changes apparent
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could be ascertained before the operation. This then being the state
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electric currents produced a certain degree of sleep and
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In delicate children a severe attack especially if it is accompanied

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