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pathological conditions the quantity of oxygen may be still fur

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orary Member of the British Medico Pyschological Society. With a Digest of

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deep the pulse was irregular and intermittent and on the

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competition. Never run away from it. Rather court it and the more

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gas should be cutoff. I have never seen the slightest

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cillating edges if interposed between an x ray tube and

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from the rectum immediately anterior to the rupture were

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flammation and consecutive induration sufficient to cause obliteration

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the tympanic cavity that subsequent to this all cleanly

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announced by prodromes and when such is the case they are by no

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appear. These are for the most part due to the numerous manipula

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accustomed to the use of alcoliol. Leukocytosis is noted besides the

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Board and for what. Is it because the examination for

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the time of examination she menstruated every three

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I do feel that if it were not for that I should not

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are useless and large quantities are dangerous. Dr.

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of the lips and cheeks the ghastl deathlike appearance

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surface but to the parts immediately surrounding it by

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all the other cases in this that after the rational and

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patient in from ten to fifteen hours are becoming pain

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sured success. The after treatment was of vital im

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fessor Munyou in whose absence he had full control

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iron and the vagina packed. The patient was discharged

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the grade of periodicity in each. The tertian is characterized by a

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size and weight. Yet there are cases of hypertrophy

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without ligating the femoral artery and as this was not

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kingum basin lying below Zanesville or the southern portion

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mation of the inside of the uterus endo within metrat

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medullary portion. The cortex is broader and shows general swell

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the two diseases may ordinarily be diagnosed with precision. In both there

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larger than in the present specimen and existed in enor

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are designated contagious or zymotic from Zv it leaven

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opium where so little healthy lung tissue remains and

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tration of many of our correctional institutions which re

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pharynx. Antitoxin was not used because of the pres

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