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very hot water. Sponging with alum water or with equal
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with the blood vessels air pipes amp c. amp c. besides some small
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the duty of the coming Board to change the method of voting
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clinic should have a number of such positions open to
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others. This toleration is not to be envied because the patient unaware of
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The epiglottis may show the same picture but may also show
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A. Stiff joint may be benefited but a cure is doubtful. The
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Ether and Chloroform their employment in Surgery Dentistry Mid
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superficial plexus of veins on palpation the soft parts may present a feeling
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tending to illustrate the subject of inflammation his opinions are
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It has occurred to the writer that this test might possibly give some
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of lives besides an incalculable amount of human suf
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The following facts of interest to the whole profession will
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ivy with which it is frequently confused have five. There are
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dignity to cut for the stone and indeed he improved
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began and for ten years was alone in advocating the ocular origin of
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tained clots of blood and pus. Exploration was made into the swelling and
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prepared for this conclusion. Even then the riddle is
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Haglestam Jarl.. Anemia caused by tapeworm Bothriocephalus latus
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ipheral nerves were examined always showed neuritic
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so much bookish as practical is necessary. That is to say the
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argument for prizes told equally well in favour of conjpulsory
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came on and the secretion of the urine the lochia and the
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each other both as far as the character of the inflammation and the
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Dr. Ralph Elmergrern These cfases are reported as paratyphoid fever.
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were passed in incredibly large numbers often twenty daily besides
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only leads to the primary functional distinction be
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through the conjunctival sac. Sporadic cases were usually
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creasing the width of aisles iu all grammar schools to
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The report of the Committee appointed to consider the fu
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duced in drawing the specimen for analysis. But the chief reason why
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matica which may lead observers not intimately acquainted
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tion of the Perineum with Suggestions for Its Preven
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transport. In point of fact Fiessinger speaks of two different methods in

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