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substances of organic origin that may be in the water harmless. Water

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the presidencies remain intact and he adds Will you read

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populations. It is to our minds a truly Christian work if

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the alcohol must be very much retarded. The latter authors do

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stricken when they hear of the possibility of typhus

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surface. As however the redness resulting is apt to persist and

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advantageously combined with some bitter stomachic as the juice

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the neck and retraction of the head. The temperature rose rapidly

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cess pool connected with a laborer s cottage. The atmosphere which

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a marked feature and when present is never high. The

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of the disease have been capable of bearing children.

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together with glandular atropliy is indeed not seldom to be recognised as

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being fome fluid in the cavities of thefe filaments

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his arts degree five years previously at the University of

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sometimes instantaneous disappearance of the itching after drainage of

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A here there was the smallest suspicion of any intra cranial

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and he has succeeded in retaining his writings within

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thoroughly well cooked as it always should be there

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cortex. As a matter of fact few significant contributions to the subject have

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term begins. It proceeds cephalad forming some loose coils dor

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stringent regulations and raising quarantine at the

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there was a murmur heard at the apex. The chest ex

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cases. Each patient according to the constitution the symptoms history

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muscle is in a state of tonic contraction there would be a pressure

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secondary infection. Among the first are simple catarrh

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Nervosa is a valuable contribution to practical medicine.

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Bacteria of the bacillus coli communis type see page were

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