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the administration of a powerful dose of this drug. It is an
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mucous membrane of the eye in the first stages of purulent
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tained a hormone that regulated the production of red
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series of observations These de Lyon on this form of intestinal obstruc
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note of a circumstance which has just occurred in a case under
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shown by the deposit of fine particles which may be either
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which the applicant would have to make separate but more seri
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lungs when slight dulness feeble sometimes blowing breathing and liquid
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Valvular disease chronic endocarditis. Caused by a chronic
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the tumor instantaneously brought about reappearance
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smashed in. The rioters effected an entrance into the
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Commons feel at all times that the way in which that toast
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of the bone is more than half received into its socket
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dissected up from the neighbouring parts turned round and stitched into its new
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teric cysts may persist for many years even ten or twenty.
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effects are produced alike by different tumors that is to say the morbid
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splints must be limited principally to fractures ami
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mechanical and electrical irritability of the motor and sensory
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from great cities to rustic hamlets. lu the war with Spain
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L Artet la MMecine Plague as a Favourite Subject Emerods
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day. The first seven years of life constitute a period of
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Where on the other hand the dysmenorrhosa is accompanied by
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in all the Atlantic States that a description of them is deemed quite
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company that previous to his seizure the disease had prevailed in the
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from emulsified fats. Like the pepsin this ferment is pro
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Commons feel at all times that the way in which that toast
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possession of the fag end of his life of usefulness.
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political ring No the truth is that i ost mortem ex
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of Dr. Lubbock and on the occasion of the death of that
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defective nutrition assisting the digestion of both starch and
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the result of the examination of a large nnmber of children in
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entozoa of the gall ducts and gall bladder we should include both
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cocaine on the higher functions of the brain with those of alcohol
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different varieties of microorganisms especially when invaded by one variety that the
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naturally makes this phase of cardiac disease of vital im
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occur. By perseveration is meant a reaction in which there has been evidently
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them all and where the intracranial space is much reduced by

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