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our Southern brethren. That they have freely tendered their

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matoid arthritis type. The causative agent in this condition

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The particulars of tills case were supplied by Mr. Swallow.

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To make possible primary union of skin and fascia protect

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Anosmia may be caused by catarrhal affections of the nasal mucous

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though her headache was relieved she felt so poorly

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have known a father says Dr. Brigham in whom I could discover

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discharge inability to relieve the bloating to any great extent

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are really pylorectomies or in some cases partial gas

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thrice daily and if the pulse rate remain unchanged to

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surface of the arm producing a slough of the greater por


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false statement concerning the health of a person had been

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abdomen show marked signs of multiparity and abdominal

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questions. Vasomotor control is defective. The condition of his fore

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bouring points red coloration due to the combination

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culty of diagnosis the complication of a double parotiditis

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X erficial sensory disturbance for in the cases of ery thromelalgia

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and specimens and suitable retiring rooms for patients in which

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for thought and investigation it will not be because these important

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inst. at Mile end on the body of William Wollaston aged

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The results obtained in men and in goats showed no appre

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The pain however may be reasonably expected to be occasionally

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respiration is least impeded and in this the safest posture he should be

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attention while the important subjects such as sj philis

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Akin to these cases are those who after treatment in hospital

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city for pelvic troubles Dr. Price says It is utterly in

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merged in the pleuritic dulness and careful auscultation failed at any time to

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during the French war by the garrison at Ticondero

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fully brought to light this fact. In the recent unearthing there were

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than people who themselves are paying premiums Which helps explain

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has probably been used as extensively as any of our antiseptics. The

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like a few other contagious diseases will be one of the past.

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fearful is the responsibility of the cancer curer who tampers

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for more than fifty years. So regular and so consid

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manner not inconsistent with the right of the public to use it as

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