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dressing. Warmlh and moisture without antiseptics are very fa

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The signs that announce the advent of mad staggers from whichever

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this metal was kept having become violently affected by the

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similar simply exposing the bone and assisliug itsexfoliatinn

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Definition. A disease characterized by enlargement of the lymph glands

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this expedition has long been a classic of African travel.

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The central lobe of the cerebellum was completely destroyed

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Instead of being strengthened the organism then had become

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that we must first compare the number of cases occur

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clature new or that in common use Is the author under the

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coccus aureus and albus. Numerous colonies of Streptococcus viridans and

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assumes a characteristic triangular outline Hith the base downward and

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cheapness of living. So cheap was it in former years that

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the remedy by the rectum for ten or twelve doses before resorting

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put him on iodide of potassium. He improved very rapidly at first so

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other human pursuit are as it were fused into one mass to make

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that she has kept a box of grain tablets by her bed

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Plans were approved for the erection of a building to

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acid poisoning because the oxalates which they would

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paralyzed face. It would seem advisable therefore to establish facial nerve

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but this also may be absent. There may be tympanitis

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tion lying to the west. Material from the slopes of this mountain is

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shock or concussion may have much to do with the temporary

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Commanding General of the Army Service Forces was given the responsibility

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the muscularis and the mucosa and finally reaching the liver. We

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Alumni residing in Toronto availed themselves of the occasion

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Yaws as a rule cannot be contracted twice but cases are recorded

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Anaesthesia. Wyeth of New York Medical Record Dec.

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Paralysis Consecutive to a Pseudo membranous Angina Recognized

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the number of admissions into insane establishments may be greater

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