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bacteria were from the first growth on agar slope. At the same time

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ment. Loss of singing voice occurs very rarely after tonsillectomy.

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first decade although it must be acknowledged that a number of children in

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limbs swelled to such an extent as to prevent the patient angularlj

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shops should be established in connection with each hospital where

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may be associated with indicanaria. We found that patients

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casts cylindroids but are not casta A description of these

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discussion have so far illustrated our subject that these last steps

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No such officials should be appointed as they now are but

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from a study of the primary seat of the disease i.e. that place

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satisfactorily promoting their growth and increasing their vital resistance leave no

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fulnefs and no efforts of volition or of irritation can effect

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its physiological action have been many. Early writers believed in its

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Positive diagnosis cannot be made in the early stages

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was a colossal intellect or it would have tottered and fallen

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his method of producing antirabic serum by immuniz

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Ducheune after examinations made by Ordonez. Furthermore

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cells per cent. Some anisocytosis megalocytes predominate

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watch them will all show anaesthesia ending at the same level this

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more valuable than merely personal popularity or technical

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mainly in. the direction of discovering a wider extent of

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Librarian and Associate Professor of Library Science

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is detected by the bloated appearance and the drum like sound when

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found a large mass to be present suspected an ovarian

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and stretching its thirty odd long wooden buildings

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fingers into the mouth and pull downward on the jaw to flex

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that antipyrin has no effect upon the circulation. The blood pressure

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