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bloody and frequently luminous when agitated in the

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men and women the men dressed in white overalls sleeves

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The pain enumerated among the symptoms present when I

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ing nothing morbid about it except a little sharpness. These

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Dr. Cartledge I have never seen a pyosalpynx one half this large

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it is economy to pay a few dollars more and leave the patient

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pilla. Rolleston s patient was a man aged sixty six years.

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new edition of the Extra Pharmacopoeia without wonder at the multi

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Analysis Nitrobenzole or essence of Mirbaue is a pale

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began to have fractures twenty two in all. The long bones were

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Dr. Rushton gives the case of Mr. Leech Waggaman s onr

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year in January March May July September and Novem

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The effect was essentially of a vasomotor nature. He

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rence of complications from the surgery is minimal.

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are very similar and surgeons have frequently performed cholecystotomy for

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cystic degeneration one being entirely converted into a membranous

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ble portions of the abdomen were then irrigated with

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an assemblage of qualities fitting their possessor to be

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sition to acne an eruption will readily be occasioned

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Professor Schweigger of Berlin has published in Knapp s

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vaso motor effect which is mechanical. Thus he may get a nervous

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of the true value of the author s contribution. It should be

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from a gynecological standpoint but the cross firing

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is also classified under the general head of diphtheritic ulcera

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The placenta came aw iy immediately after the expulsion of the

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dermatic use of morphin. When gangrene ensues Buccal in

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extremely prevalent and persistent. In this respect it should be noted that foot

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One of the most interesting manifestations is shown in the

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mentary channel is indeed one of the ways in which the infec

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Course While usually chronic and lasting from a year to eighteen

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tion so that the reader is well instructed in the interpreta

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State Board Examination At the last examination held by the Wiscon

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point is the proper selection of ca e lt. In acute ap

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a prompt diagnosis somewhat difficult may be illus

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part of his illness. After that acute illness he was ap

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roseola the Widal reaction etc. alone enable us to differentiate

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same variety of germs from which it is derived. The

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Ilowell Jollij Bodies in Bed Cells. Very few in pernicious anajmia

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In short the dominant feature in a cyst of the ascending type is

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the ileum. A ray No characteristic shadow is visible.

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evaluation of thyroid status although they had been

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then have discovered. In short you never can succeed as true physicians

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For ten minutes from the period of the first injection the cat

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