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most constant. All the fingers may be affected more

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This relaxes the articulation of the foot and the foot drops backwards

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is very slow apparently. I did one experiment this spring in

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nosticate cancer in obscure cases. Fuld repeated Kelling s

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Tubercular foci are often to be found in connection with fistulse

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applicable. Cystitis is generally a common symptom and the

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objection may be disregarded. As a matter of practical experience

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cases treated at St. Mary s Hospital by inoculation.

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Wounds as Related to the Instruments which Produce Them.

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the vessel had almost always preserved its ordinary capacity but its calibre

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ring blockade. A healthy woman of twenty six was de

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excessive fibrosis of the tissue overlying the area of

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gusting and dangerous habit of spitting in cars ferry

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difference in the lengths. In the combined statistics of Maydl Nothnagel

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that of retaining the food during mastication destroyed. The bone

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may be often expedited by the following ball which should be given

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gland in its entirety If so some other gland must be

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obtained chiefly through increasing self knowledge. Not that a con

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seems to enjoy a fair degree of health as he feels able and

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she was moved into the hospital much against her will

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R. pro cess of spi nal cord extension of gray matter

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therapy and vaccine therapy and the general manage

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about a year. The profit from disposing of the offal in this

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far as I am aware any municipality in Ontario which requires

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the serum diagnosis of yellow lever should be instituted

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have not been devoid of theories upon which the fathers of median

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