Revia In South Africa

From Octobers to December SI patients were admitted as follows

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sidered the other conditions of disease which are often their immediate

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Hippuric Acid. Glycocoll is used mainly to detoxicate the benzoic

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abolish or ignore the great principle of liberty or rights of man

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the foetus. He further found that inoculation of preg

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nutritious diet exercise cheerful company and pleasant surroundings

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opinion he is insane in a condition of chronic progressive dementia. In our

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grouping of the cases and that with our present knowledge we should

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The attendance of medical men was good. These clinics on Satur

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cordial heaving. I prescribed the tincture of aconite drops two three

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that the evils connected with it are likely to become less or the

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a single piece which displays also on the reverse side im

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Be.sides clinical medicine and clinical surgery and gynaecology

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