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uraemic attacks next day the dropsy was gone. Sometimes perhaps the

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perception of light with a good field. I gave iodide of potassium

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days after a few days of apyrexia a relapse started and the Widal

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bronchoscopy consisting of the extraction of a nail

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under the headings septicivmia. tetanus etc. has slunvn that the oper

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including suitable training in co ordinated and well controlled action

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taken into the theatre and placed under the influence of

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with elevated borders and a depressed center. Sections show

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eyes will help pains redness and the watering of them like

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Pulmonary G angrene Treated hy Incision. At a meeting

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the rheumatic instances with high temperature. In suppurative pericarditis

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gates may provide for a division of the scientific work of the

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child itself must be completely external of the mother.

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unaffected lung in horizontal lines toward the spinal column discloses

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eight hours the temperature of a glandered horse gradually

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feeling the extremities cold and with pins and needles. During

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or would being the proper ones to use in connection

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prejudice born in a suppurative age and instead of being appalled

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rected by the governor assume and exercise the pow

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cellular infiltration. Ceils of lymphoid and of epithelioid type are nu

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of age with hemiplegia supervening upon fever and gastric de

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soft somewhat leathery investment of deciduous mem

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and friction to the extremities but all to no avail

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of their muscular force by the dynamometer. Note was also

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My attention hnJ not been called to the condition until recently

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place in or weeks although stiffness of gait and consi

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legislation that enabled the Department of Transporta

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hypertrophied and diseased mucous membrane. This condi

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the amount should be proportionately small for children.

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hefween ditTerent types of proteins were rarely if ever

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it might be new experiments were made in which bitartrate of

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It affects not only the large cerebral arteries but also the small arterioles

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The most opposed in opinion agreed as to the facts observed so that

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or as he puts it the mother is refractory to infection with syphilis

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