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that the investigation of a given case is not considered complete without
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public health legislation which conforms to the ideal of modern
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calomel will be found to be an excellent antiseptic application for
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had shown that disease was one of the most destructive
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size but the Greek artists have transgressed the laws of Nature only in
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this is inconfiderable in comparifon of what happens in a volatile tin
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Experiments to isolate the specific immunizing or toxic substances
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two vesicles ipstead of one is never absolutely necessary
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the cocain habit. I regret to state that this habit
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This center is of special importance in view of the pil
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back. Doctor Hunter McGuire attended him at the time.
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sugar in the urine Naunyn and in two cases under my observation this
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The opinions lately promulgated by Mr. Wecdon Cooke in
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host they are incapable of further development but upon the slide or within
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sarcoma of the throat by the infection of the lymphatic glands of the
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College. The later and clinical work will be continued at
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opinion that Sadi who was a guide for Baron von der
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it has been shown that a series of experimental phenomena
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and pig respectively or animals closely related to them.
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caused it to mummify. Cow recovered without any more
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mental side. MacCallum and Voegtlin have shown a marked reduction
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at Bulawayo. The coast fever of cattle belonging to the group
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system sympathises so deeply as to draw away the attention
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cases which can generally be excluded by the results of appropriate treat
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endothelial A very fine plexus which when injected maps itself
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the patient is in the erect position and when it is filled with
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mM. The.sc symptoms however are measurably due to the coexisting
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any other department of human knowledge. Indeed all the other
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from the middle part of the peripheral surface of the semilunar
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quency in micturition coupled with great thirst emacia

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