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operation it soon falls in and renders drainage defective. The aspira

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of blood transfused the liability to accidents by move

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We must remember that the old red sandstone sites which are noticed

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and then we have an obstruction to tlie return blood

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curriculum and passed the examinations required. The curriculum

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It is often difficult toward the close of pregnancy

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seemed rather to gain strength from the legal disabili

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vironment. To begin with the twenty one years that have ehipsed

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ing over the autopsy records of the Boston City Hos

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divided ccjually with another physician the class of

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our patients in a practical and careful way. It prevents us from

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the uterus in this pelvic arc varies in different individuals and also in

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biliary ducts distention of the former may result in compression of the

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the diathesis the author considers three principal medic

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to a certain extent with the papillary form and also

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trials. A remarkable and excellent feature of the trial

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charlatans and base pretenders in truth for the eye to be

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been determined when used with climatic treatment it

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as it were very little attention to the perturbations which are transpiring

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to treatment. I am much in favor of local measures. In

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and surgical advice. I am in daily request for the ailments chiefly

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aneurism frequently arises and may grow to a large size either passing out

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pitch in the open air or in a large expanse. Consequently singers

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torium treatment. A special chapter is devoted to the

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have been closed for several weeks the issue of books from

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plexity or exliaustion of nerves engaged in the func

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six thousand examinations of Chicago school children.

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and the higher education of the studies must be directed

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sensitive irrigations may be less frequently employed

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der tumors of the genitalia. The typical cryptorchid tes

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tions with and more earnest support of it than seems to be

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speaking modified by giving stimulants to a very small extent and by

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of water of crystallization and because of this the two salts are not

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Pepsin is indicated as an aid to gastric digestion in gas

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December a large exhibit was conspicuously placed in the hallway leading to

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