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Brijhl. When the Flux is retrained it will be necefTary to add
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arterial pressure close to the normal level during the
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eruption like psoriasis sometimes appears on the chest or there may
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precaution was taken in the earlier experiments of connecting each
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ment of the knee joint demanding surgical interlereuce.
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presented well chosen and well executed illustrations.
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action on the sensitized pupil may be produced in the body
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hunted to death the blood coagulated and the muscles quickly
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deep in tlie muscles. Intramuscular gummata are iowhere so frequent as
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T Fart Oglethorpe for duty rora Walter Reed Ti nfrtil Hospital
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raordedura de uu pen o terminada por muerte al dia. Bol.
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form of the nubecula. This appears in the form of small threads which
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uncomplicated cases of the cyanotic induration ursemia is rare. On the
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most modernly equipped and you should not pass it in your
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malady. There are nevertheless cases of blindness in which the
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of the liberated pigment. That such actually is the case has been
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work on the specific nature of the phenomenon they made further ob
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inoculation with avian cultures. Autopsy only revealed a small local
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infolgedessen den Au enkelch nicht als ganzes Nebenblatt auslegen.
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veritable morbid states or attacks of sickness but they are not
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The serum of healthy rabbits does not contain any gonococcal precipitin.
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The physicians of Southern California are under great obli
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DR. MARTIN I regret that I was not privileged to read this paper
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advance of the standard works. Most discoveries are in the journals
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acid called also pyroacetic spirit and pyroacetic ether is a
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gracilis is composed entirely of ascending dorsal root fibres
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ency to hematomous formation with imminent danger of subsequent
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During October the Laboratory will be open and a Clinical
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they to be guaranteed from the competition of undersellers f
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of muscle whiter than the surrounding tissues in the old
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band lowers the resisting forces of the parts and renders them
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the long axis of the finger or toe and carrying it up
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ports and included deaths from other causes than the
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the planets from falling into the fun but become either the efficient
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was foimd to protrude markedly toward the rectum the
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neighborhood of a malignant tumor may be tubercular and show
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Therefore candidates for admission will oe required to pass a thorough examination in
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I should tell you tliat it has long been known that fibrinous masses
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universally at a time when the wounded are in very great num
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ance of the menses is aggravated at each menstrual pe
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of chloroform find that the patient does not take it well and
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in other cases only temporary rises in temperature and grad

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