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the making of a great surgeon but he was withdrawn from active practice.

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a drawing of a short tailed Orkney sheep with horns of the mouflon

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flexion commonly called extension by the extensor carpi

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tee does not bring this forward as applying to British surgeons

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thickening had left the arytenoid but the ulcer did not

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as flowed naturally from the breasts without any pressure

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joint. Parents healthy and neither consumptive nor scrofulous.

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fectiveness of the remedy. Sulphate of potash is dia

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human being to another distinguishes it remarkably from cutaneous

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horn of one side presenting an intense perivascular

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work on physiology of the gastrointestinal tract was of

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IX. Age. Death on tenth day from phlebitis of crural veins and

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trated another important element in the treatment of

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meat and the advantages of the other two varieties.

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time during the last year of life of some patients affected

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development of the individual is entirely secondary and to

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and appease the antagonism of the guardians to the re obtam

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too easy and there is apt to be the feeling created among

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lower margin of the orbit. The large Bap of integument

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first two. In five cases a defect in the child was anticipated and

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attacks have been so far a real menace to onr insular position but

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retary of various medical organizations and of editor

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make for me a longitudinal section of a spinal column in its

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the lower pole approximately one half of the kidney at one

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of the rectus and oblique muscles on the corresponding

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Progress in the Knowledge of Tuberculosis Infection

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appointed to draft suitable resolutions of respect in cond lence.

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and the neck rigid The pupils were irregularly dilated

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fkity embolism has already been described. See Embolism ami Thromhosn

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many cases becomes distended. In mitral regurgitation the heart

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