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stretched an India rubber spring at a proper degree of tension.
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nes which from my present point of view is not next to
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exception of the coecum which was healthy presented along
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gether with good hygienic treatment is the only method
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that the pig has been implicated in only one outbreak which has been
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same disease. I and others hold them to be distinct affec
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the colic and purging returned afterwards general convul
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which had been controlled by rest in bed and hypodermics
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Eeport only needs to be glanced at to show bow fallacious these
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enlaigement of the trunk and two upper ganglia on the left side was
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including the medical certificate and tiled with the com
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small irregular atypical ulcers long axis transverse to bowel one of
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eases are not amenable to bacterin therapy for the simple reason
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inches from the spine a little above and to the inner
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gastro inteatinal symptoms will su t it Cuprum pUUi
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Enteric Fever is most prevalent. In fourteen out of the seventeen
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dengue was an occurrence attended with much danger to the

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