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cheap and worthless substitutes. Some preparations indeed exist which

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necessary to tone up the loose dilated and flabby walls of the

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Take first the most common and worst form of this disease

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head and pelvis both raised. He has not founil it neces

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bitten and that he cured himself with Olive Oil. After consid

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formations of the heart and occurs not unfrwjuently in very

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lime and magnesium are deposited first in the intercel

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the list of texts available for the English speaking

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the bones some allowance must be added for the possible

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cause eruptions on the skin a like effect may be produced

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to the constitution of the patient or any other circumstance that

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sternal end licini. ilislocatcd forwards anil the acromial enil upwanls

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uterus and vagina was resorted to with good result. As it seemed

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injury and damage or whether the physician or others

dapsone side effects liver

India. We think this is due to the labours of our brethren who

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In conclusion and aside from my subject let me add that

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especially requested that those intending to join this Section or

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