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the tsetse flies. Of these there are seven species all
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breast shows a basic ignorance of the pathologic physiology of
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it a considerable power of contraction and expansion. By
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Symptoms. Laryngeal croup signalises itself by the rapid
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cathartic. Or it may be combined with Podophyllin as in the
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pyaemia and perhaps disappear as completely as hos
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limply and swings to and fro when the animal walks.
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epithelial cells. The glomeruli are large the capsules thickened the
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illustrates this by a concrete instance. Any sexual thoughts which
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may consist as readUy and easily of harmless materials instead
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of the bone marrow. A detailed report of the post mortem findings in
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and cannot fail to be of the greatest possible advantage to
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groups so as to produce the given posture. Paraplegic rigidity of both
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which had developed within that short time. Five months have elapsed since.
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ery the hysteric should l e kt pt hy tlioniselves. and special
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the a rays have yielded results hitherto uite unattainable.
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rings and his coterie of adherents have perpetuated their
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of Arndt s System of Medicine On a more careful examina
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are missing in many records therefore the days lost cannot be accurately
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ticularly those involving exposure to metal or acid fumes phosphorus
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still posterior. Dr. Brodhead recommends that it should be ro
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cytoplasmic areas it is nevertheless of watery consistency being evea

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