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this type pronounced hypertrophy of bones occurs which

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diate surgical operation be it lithotomy or lithotripsy

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sometimes extending to the ankle or slightly above when

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and water with which the cutting and polishing are accomplished.

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which cterived its revenues from gifts bequests and

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Tension of the eye. This symptom of tension has so great impor

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and retained all its filth within its undrained area James I. fell a

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The tar oil preparations are however still regarded with great

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convulsions and various painful diseases. But the brain this

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London on December th on the Indian experience of cholera was

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emetic and so guided by a brief sketch of the case.

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embody that in the whole question. Now I withdraw my motion and beg

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occupied the site have been pulled down. The plans as put forward

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touched. They may attain the size of a hazel nut. The cartilaginous

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under the same circum.stances it will not succeed any

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the menstrual discharge.. That the ovum may be impregnated

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one line already marked out and only deviating to meet

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exposed to great hardship during his voyage. Boys in his

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It is on this account that we appeal with confidence to

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very firm and wholly solidified and when cut into was found

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This institution opened its th session on th of October

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same group ontogenetic study much useful knowledge concerning

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ness on percussion to be less pronounced. There would be

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undue chemosis and subsided in a few days. In the fourth case

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the prostatic curve this shaft and chain covered by rub

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a splint made of folded newspapers surrounded by a roll

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such relative rank wiU caiTy with it all precedence and ad

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and repre S the tend QCJ t izing of blood. The pledg

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Typhoid he said was very successfully treated with it.

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crip most of the evening. When Mrs. Kunnel got to the crib

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were nephrectomized with ligation and division of the

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what and raise the funnel a little higher than Ileger

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complications that may arise from specific vaginitis will not be out of

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plicated is worthy of note not only as has been stated be

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tives light diet acetanilid incision or mastoid opera

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more marked on the left than on the right side. Both

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breath and her physician advised her entrance into the

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to recognize such cases and I congratulate Dr. Jones upon his success.

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studied the spinal cord of a long standing case and

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