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The next anniversary of this Association was held in
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by the folly of the profession. We are likely to have
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I believe that in suspected cases or before the complete
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epiglottis to draw that structure down. Divide the thyro
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of shape and volume the displacement being directed toward the mesial
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The various cutaneous diseases illustrate the other forms which
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tition of the statements that the absolute divisions made for the sake of
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from it. A tumour appeared at the lower third of the tibia
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a means of gauging the effect of the vaccination method of treating
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age of loss from blackleg in herds is said to have been reduced
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E. multiforme. Certainly the clinical appearances are very suggestive of
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time to maintain that sex was predestined from the very
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through records to correct and complete various lists to the
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matic choleric or melancholic temperament. They will be parti
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Genital Organs. Ernst Runge states that only recently
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manner through the fissure of the lip. llen removed by
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by thyroid medication. Following this would be a pe
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Quaiacol has of late been employed as an internal antiseptic
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fibrosis of the lung beyond the obstruction and a bronchi
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be looked for in preventive measures for the reason
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in the proper use of cylinders regulators and masks not only under ordinary
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to have recovered completely with no signs in the lungs
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tinued to use the same until lately reports that the
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of hot irrigation of aseptic water was of great service.
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thus plugged by a disk of cartilage. The manner in which Trocar
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immeshed in a network of fibrin strands. Then there are dancing infini
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Uhleuhuth and his co workers have proven experimentally the correctness of
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in a condition of exhaustion which is soon followed by
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mountain fever heart water fever of cattle and sheep biliary fever of
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a uniform twist the string is passed back and under
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of the following facts The parent who infects his offspring with
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promises at present little diagnostic aid. The almost uniform success
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efferent ducts grouped about the colliculus seminalis
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of acute pleurisy as well as in its later stages and he hints
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the method of indirect calorimetry which does not use a single factor
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gation that they are curious rather than profitable.
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bluster. An old farmer speaking of a practitioner in his neigh
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purely physical principle of gravitation in an open
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or phymosis was not present in any of the cases. General weakness
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the stethoscope gave no indication of pericarditis but to re
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ing was as a rule to be avoided for the patient would
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I consider it entirely unjustifiable and with but few
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grounds that thyreoidin has some power over vomiting of
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When metastasis to the mamma has taken place we should
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the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm causing the intermittent spasm and
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such marked results were obtained with the other micro organisms under
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two parts. Or sulphuric acid one part water ten parts. Or acetic

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