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berculous Meningitis b During or as a sequel to some acute febrile

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Summer Felloivships. Junior students may work as Fellows in Cardiology

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the Profession must not be overlooked. By the undeviating

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the skeleton. The pyramidales muscles tilling in the great

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inherent in the organism itself. The age at which an

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doubtedly increase the liability to septic infection

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de Medecine de Toulouse in the treatment of tetanus

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hearing acute rigidity of both arms equal whole body very rigid.

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in this Society to consider the medical aspects of war.

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but certain additional activities commonly held in check by the higher

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tioned but I think that further investigation is re

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after operation to attempt to give these children some water by

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less distention of Bowman s capsule. The epithelium is either

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The institution of governmental inspection of the carcasses of animals used

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deepen the upper one and a half inches through the ab

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a five per cent. solution of cocaine. This is retained in the

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