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Convent but this was too far to remove the body without help

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of the after management of these cases I am convinced

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in blood pressure. The benefits derived from infusion were through elimina

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ence of stone in a distended gall bladder by plunging in

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published in entitled De Rheumatismo et Pleuritide Dorsali

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Dog made a very rapid recovery. Skin incision healed perfectly

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of an artificial anus in cases of ulcerative proctiti

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other words how he looks what he does and what he says.

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It is certain that the difference in the susceptibility of different

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photograph taken a year and a half after treatment shows a char

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and other fluid media is constructed as follows On the centre of a

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A Note on the Value of Inoculation against Enteric Fever.

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for white with a central scotoma or as in this second

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starting from SPT starting fi om whatever is decided within the organization but

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The clinic is finely equipped and has accommodations for the

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normal exposure a simple developer of maximum strength can

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very often the first symptoms of the disease have occurred immediately after

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of the apparatus for forcible extension during part of the

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vented from entering the digestive tube. Little dis

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ing quite fireproof and of making possible very attractive

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difficulties. Consumption w ill never be eradicated

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