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The participation of the ear also in diseases of the pleural cavity
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The causation of diabetic coma is still to some ex
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lished his ulterior researches in the Gazette hebdomadaire Paris pp.
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accumulation of lymphoc rtes in the blood is the characteristic feature of
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This compound is found in Balsam of Peru and Balsam of Tolu
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legs of heavy coarse bred horses with short and straight
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offers a striking instance of this. When the antitoxin has been
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which duly rang d conneded and thrown into proper motions regularly ex
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as soon as formed leaving circular or irregular bright red
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produce the same effect as a division of the nerve. The
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in the middle and upper dorsal regions. There was almost
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tinuous. Hands fingers and toes are chiefly involved. The motions
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tials of treatment are traction to the point of comfort and
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For other patients unsuited to the workshop or to the
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already commenced and which has enfeebled the higher powers
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analysis is eminently proper. But we do not see why
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or colour. The large assemblage of his fellow citizens which
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To review the literature or to offer case reports is
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Hypophysis Cerebri. This is a favorite seat of tumors both congenital
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ness over right side of chest with absence of respiratory
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circumstances on which its great size before birth seems im
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more especially Dr. Down believed that these deform
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over an extensive surface And in many cases maj this not be a
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Halsted s operation in cases in which the pectoral muscles
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consolidating epidermic matter around the papillary sheaths
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essentially unscientific Lord Bacon who was his patient and of whom he
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aborted or had retained afterbirth the milk is fed to calves.
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the prepuce from sliding over the glans. P. praopu
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We know that when the thyroid is removed loses its function or
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manifest epileptiform convulsions. Jaundice is significant of
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creatinine. The close chemical relationship between creatine and creat
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There are cases in which neuritis is a most distress
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Signs. Signs of future abortion are extenuation of the
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somewhat tedious by the difficulty I experienced in control
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Behavior op Strychnine in the Animal Body. Robert A.
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The toilet of the peritoneum. First as noted above
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made a serious scientific endeavor to reveal truth.
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fective virulent lesions of joints. To make clear what he
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