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ducting through the dog s heart isolated physiologically
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found too weak but I find that I cannot rely either
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with pressure in such cases. But its chemical action in the
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in a roomy cavity bare of periosteum and dark in colour. The
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London have each of them voted a bust to be execut
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former he has repeatedly seen clearing up of the glands but
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Syphilis deserves separate consideration as a preventable cause of
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months after the galvanism had been left off an examination of the
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tliologists. See Waldenburg Die TuhercuJoae Berlin
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Ak ut forty eight hours aft er his clinical presentation this
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injection of serum is promptly followed by a fall below normal even
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followed by a continuance of symptoms and an extirpation of the organ
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cided inverse relations with biliousness. The manage
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wheelchairs seat lift chairs stairway lifts walkers
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temptation ot reporting two cases out of a number that I
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disturbances of circulation and respiration hemiparesthesias
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Each fluid ounce represents grains Erythroxylon Coca.
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suspected as that group of cases furnishes the largest
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years respectively and showed one of the specimens.
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vulus and gently sijueezed and this scpieezing was constantly repeated while
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one with any patient whose complaint may render fi equent
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reveals upon autopsy an intense hypersemia of the lung and pulmonary
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there is no inherent reason why the death rate even in
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ning of October. About the end of the third month she
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Jess in young children. The actual facts as opposed to the tradi
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patible with a very intense cyanosis. William Osler
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various museums I am scarcely acquainted with any specimens of
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two years of age married and the mother of seven chil
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sarily symmetrical. In a few cases the muscular twitchings are
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rapid disintegration and ulcerate. On section the gummata
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Mr. Haward surgeon of Halesworth had been called in
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Dr. W. Cheatham read a paper on Leptothrix Mycosis of the Ton
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are suffering from conditions that may lead to crippling. In
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the same as those described above for a simple embolus and sometimes
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Weinberg and Seguin lace five anaerobes in the following order
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In order to carry out these experiments it was first necessary to
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mention we can generally lay hold of some signs of great value
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the bile salts which as already remarked is chemically very closely
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days afterwards. Recovered without any further drawback.
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