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superficially buried. Kitasato on the other hand demonstrated that

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all the effects resulting from certain forms of ill

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should be frequt ntly renewed. A wineglassful added to the clmmber

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a chemical investigation of the hibernating gland of the

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poisons which produce the indiu ated chancre and the local

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graduated arsenic course radiotherapy and intramuscular

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source willi streams which flow into Lake Erie and in some

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the nose or in the upper jaw. These pains are variously des

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iology usually propounded be radically and totally erro

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ishing and preventing vomiting after ether. A happy combination therefore

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ing to the strength of the patient and its sensible effects on the

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of the affected bone rather than the joint and in the grarer general

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rapid there is no elevation of temperature and generally

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nephritis when more or less severe uremic manifestations

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m the medical sciences the vast amount of original con

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sometimes to spots in the large biliary canals within or without

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Argon discovered in by Lord Eayleigh and Professor Eam

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the face shows a somewhat general contracture the aperture between the

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be able to revenge ourselves on those that deserve it.

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pains. However the patient came back on November th because

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ders were taken two hours apart. Soon after the second

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in Asia and even in the West Indies. The gavials or

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apart or in profoundly toxic instances this quantity may be given in one

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Epizootic lymphangitis known by the Spaniards as Lamp

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from a localising point of view but quite definite from

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and was thus enabled to utilise it for therapeutic purposes.

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Marson Mr on failures in vaccination on revaccination .

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in living subjects made by Chevreau and de Chazal at Pamplemousses

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