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my finger was really on it I attributed it to the rubber

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ences though as I have said their vitality is extraordinary. Their

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whom he most zealously cherished while she lived and

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these symptoms was the correct one. She became more quiet

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head of the sanitarj branch of he Army Medical Depart

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that it sometimes passed from village to village in the teeth of the

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We must remember that while the color of the urine may vary

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development by wholesome training and by intercourse

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persons who may be unable to swallow the Diagees. Dose

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Prior to this time there was no law or custom in the

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Theodore Schott and Dr. W. Bezley Thome of England who has

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around him Maudesley considers that there is a tract or an area

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observed and when bodies of travellers are attacked with disease they

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of food or during a Lcp inspiration and is generally attended with a

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Breim. recommends in the Kijorina Medica the follow

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conditions. Healthy persons of correct dietetic habits may sleep at

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Plication. Lacaze reported one case and that followed thoracentesis

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are well posted in relation to the provisions of the

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we have troubles of the accommodation consisting either of

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outer side uniting the fracture with a small wire so

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presence alone. In the fluid obtained by lumbar puncture the tubercle bacilli

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complications which exist. would suggest that instead of fol

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case improved rapidly under antisyphilitic treatment. The

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the prison. The weather had been unusually cold for the past week

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ar. Small pox in the provincial medical ilislrict of

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that unless visceral disease has been established prior to

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Staggers Phillip Gary B.S. University of Maryland West Virginia

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to the nose the chest and the back and in attempting to establish

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Bronchitis and pneumonia caused byS. pneumoniae formerly

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