Chloramphenicol Side Effects

the urine was bloody. It is invariably acid seldom contains albumen
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practitioner how to do such diagnostic work as he can with a limited
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DOSAGE Individualize for maximum beneficial effects. Increase dose gradually
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was bad. and not unlike that of a dirt eater. He complained
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sion although the use of immunosuppressive agents im
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Etiology. The disease is widespread particularly in the lead industries
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into the platinode with the alkali appearing at the minus plate or
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Symptoms. The symptoms are pain slight at first affecting a sin
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first no soreness of the throat nor pain on swallow
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terminal paired but unseparated eye rudiments and the primitive
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tive rank of the officers with combatant officers in the army
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be impaired as the boy was destined to be a waterman resolved
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that it was a pitiful story and sent for Mr. Morrison
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an obstinate character which sometimes follows scarlet

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