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revenue is returned to the city. If one sixth of the

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charged with being an ambitious man and has brought upon himself the

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stages of the disease from simple occlusion of the ductus chole

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tain influence depending probably on the active mass of growing proto

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been the effect of these celebrated experiments that they have

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the emetic had been fruitless instantly relieved him. A short time

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origin occur in normal animals a series of routine histological exami

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tion which meets these requirements that he had selected

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tained by simply taking hold of a horn and the nose and drawing

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A part of what is embraced in this Physiological Division

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cells are tilled with swollen epithelium and small cells.

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made to draw any conclusions as to the method of op

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piration and by the secretion of bile i. the more carbon is

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the conductivity is restored during this contraction. The only

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health measure to check the spread of tuberculosis diphtheria scarlet

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Civatte that tuberculosis might have some influence in the

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noted it was more prevalent among the white class than

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all kinds of ways and almost as impartially on my own antiseptic side

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itely proving that the case was one of congenitally

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iodine and that the bromide for that reason was about

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Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical Department of

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and spread every morning with an ointment consisting of two ounces of

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ter what their previous wishes may have been in re

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The object of the change is to enable the publishers to place the

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make a decoction. take of it four ounces add unto it con

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SURGERY OF THE URINARY ORGANS. Some important points connected with

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posterior urethra involvement of the seminal vesicles etc.

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be some local circumstance still existing from which danger may be

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was examined after death all that bulged out could be re

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other at eight months etc. I have been exceedingly for

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annoyances are so sHght in proportion to the disfigurement which

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kidding season we have not had very good results with the goats as

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ological examination of water and milk. The bacteriological

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life depends upon rapid respirations and whose central nervous system may

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attack American cattle and sheep one of them being the carrier of

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