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the exhibition of iodide of potassium per os with syn
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as yet been used although it was suggested by one of the
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should be applied to the feet and legs every morning and spirits
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results some nevertheless being apparently more successful
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ington has called attention to a form associated with encephalitis. It may be
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He felt that there was a group of cases of anteposed
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craftily and wickedly to deceive and defraud the people and citizens of said
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period of life than pregnancy usually takes place. Occasionally
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this College in their endeavours to form as soon as possible
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expedite the expulsion of the child. Dewees in such
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the effects of cold upon wood be more confpicuous. A learned na
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tumour. In both cases by excising more tissue at a corresponding
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cles often causes inability to chew to swallow and to speak. Finally all
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Resident Medical Officers Clinical Clerks and Dressers are chosen
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The Mechanical Factor. It is particularly with regard to this factor
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At times it is impossible to differentiate between the
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tion. In concluding this dissertation the writer desires to add one
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observations in. But for many years afterwards written records of
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newspaper mark the passage boldly with a colored pencil and
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dermined the constitution. I gladly embraced the opportunity of
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surements of the tumour are the following transverse f inches
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ment and enforcement of just medical laws to promote friendly intercourse
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Catarrhal pneumonia. Bronchopneumonia. Begins usually as
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has been recommended but it does not give the satisfactory re
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in both diseases the contiguous mesenteric glands have the same
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bandage or pinhole spectacles was seldom advised or carried out.
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tensively sometimes violet sometimes reddish or blue
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Easter in which the inmates of the insane department of the Phila
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before them. Many patients who should receive careful
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zinc. It is a tonic for the nervous system just as iron
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and above all collapse and great depression of the nervous system.
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waste his time in what for aught he knows now may be vain
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The stomach demands a considerable supply of air as
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as consisting of little hard knobs about the size of a pea situated
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done his work well and that as a volume the Transac
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