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the larva having grown nourished itself exclusively on animal tis
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horses horses suffering from various disorders and those in
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Dr. Bond is Principal was opened by Lord Palmerston on
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within the limits of his official position but what
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and may affect the cornea eyeball and destroy the sight.
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any sijecial written contract or agreement guarantee
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to sink than to undertake perhaps amidst the most unfavour
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supports this observation. But although catarrh of the mouth veiy
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In the few instances in which I have adopted it there has been
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the womb and has also given the mother a teaspoonful of fluid
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these patients should be made as short as possible and if
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history makes the physical examinations attempts the diagnosis
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a rule the whole body is crippled and weakened and the
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Ergot stimulates and causes contraction of involuntary
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but usually of a multiplicity of the organisms that live in the
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at room temperature and has the cultural characteristics
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sometimes the patient is never free from this unpleas
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tions of gastrotomy gastro hysterotomy ne hrotomy cholecystotomy
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that direction renders the remainder of the problem
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a needle operation and not provoke cyclitis by trying to tear a
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irregular outline of a broncho pneumonia. At this time the leucocyte
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and that it demands superior qualities of hides it seems
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thai the pneumonia produced ran a clinical course identical with thai oi
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reported by Carmichael la and by l lse. Both experimenters show that
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into each nostril until the muscles have regained their tone will
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continuous drain. There is an increased tendency to ma
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again occurred at Winchester College. It is gratifying
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the nasal mucosa with cocaine and the use of suggestion.
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azote the origin of which is probably the atmospheric air. The
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Cohnheim found that when pure or but slightly diluted it acts as a
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and certain oral communications from Dr. Trudeau as
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Endemic Index. A numerical estimate of the liability
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department of his work. Those sympathetic fibres whiclf pass distally
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heart and respiratory muscles and but lightly on the voluntary
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vocal chords his voice was found to be squeaky like a pulley
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justifiable to resort to posterior sclerotomy. The pars planum approach
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were thoroughly screened or by having them sleep in
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tak place the amount of lung thus lost unfitting the individual
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ture was the marked enlargement of the heart in prac

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