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sympathy or trust on those who have carried it out

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represented by the equation Hb Hb . As has been pointed out

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cause of my respect for the Medical Record that I call

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of the alimentary canal are distinct diseases has been suf tivdjibown

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deKripdoD Umjt are of iuUiubI mm bat in the hnt I have ventured

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ers therefore have begun to doubt the supposed good effects of nitrites

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three years after their election they have neither rights nor

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by the pressure of tough and condensed perinephric cellular tissue.

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pable of appreciating various colors and of mistaking one color for

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striated and brittle and the finger ends are often deeply cracked.

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conditions of vascularity of the brain though he does not

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have known a rather distinguished professor of a more than con

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tive progress is shown however in these cells as in the cells already

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tubes and even also the uterus have been removed and for those

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producing its efl ects on the remote parts of the system.

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nently the eruption may have been dermatitis sebor

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second is not infrequent but the third is the usual

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fever slight jaundice absence of haemorrhages and a free secretion of

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is to supply the system with a proper quantity of diluent and

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a mature horse and more especially when such horses are

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don t forget in the planning of the rooms my plan for

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with cold applications which will also give tone to the

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and was not expected to live out the twenty four hours.

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mation or sero hsemorrhagic infiltration of the connective

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The third great doctrine of Hahnemann is that seven eighths

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book on the diseases of convalesence might be one of the most

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struck by the suddenness with which its victims would be overwhelmed while

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Officer. Candidates must bo registered. Applications with testimonials

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by scientifically and wisely directed effort. So also in connec

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calves have remained immune. The disease is therefore tending to

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these rodents is the sole reason for maintaining cats in many

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test this one upon such an occasion in my own family I

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this term is meant water molecules associated in the form of hydrates

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number six has stitches seven Fitch has pain in axilla just

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advocacy of this operation with his bold and judicious estimate of its

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they were reflex and started by irritation of the lung.

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either the bedpan or the ordinary utensil. according to

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